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The Best Panasonic Air Purifiers

The Best Panasonic Air Purifiers

Every selection of the air purifier for home comes in several basic positions: the appointment and quality of treatment, performance and noise level, cost, and oddly enough – design. Read more about it at http://bestratedhepaairpurifiers.com.

Let us consider PANASONIC F-VXD50R-N air purifier with a humidifier. It effectively removes even fine dust, the size of 0.3 microns, pet dander, fungal spores, bacteria, unpleasant odors. Its powerful is quite enough – can handle 430 sq / ft area at a rate of 5.1 cc / min. The noise level declared by the manufacturer is 53 dB. It has 4 levels of productivity in manual and automatic modes. It has a 3 step filtration system and sensors to dust. The average price of retail stores in different ranges from 450 to 600 dollars. This is a good device for a city apartment, suitable for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and for families with young children. However, this device is equipped with a "bunch" of additional features that greatly affect its price.

Air Cleaner Panasonic f-vxf70r-n is very similar to the previous modification of it, but with some additions. At this time the company has offered customers a fully robotic model, which has a dust sensor, analyzer, probes the presence of extraneous odors, and it automatically selects mode and power work on the basis of the obtained data. It differs from the previous model due to the increased performance. Declared by the manufacturer to be treated floor area of 160 feet / kV, with capacity more than 1400 cu. / ft. per hour, and has become more difficult due to the increased tank humidifier.

Air Purifier Panasonic F-PJD35. This is cheap version of the air purifier, but has all the advantages of expensive units of the company: 6-speed air cleaning, equipped with anti-allergenic, deodorizing and HEPA filters, as well as coal, photocatalytic filtration. In comparison with the more expensive models, it has a lower performance at maximum capacity – 8000 feet / cu. per hour. This device has a light weight, and low noise level 47 dB. Its price at retail is between 220 – 260 dollars. Panasonic F-PJD35 is the best option for use in urban apartments. Excellent filtration system makes it indispensable in the apartments, where live a small children and people with allergies, asthma and various diseases of the respiratory system.

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